5 Ingredient No Bake Granola Bars

“Everyone I know is looking for solace, hope and a tasty snack.” -Maira Kalman

At the beginning of each month I set aside time to check in on how I am progressing with my goals. I  have long-term goals in mind that I am making progress towards but usually with a new month comes new short-term goals that I set for myself.  I can say with pride that I’ve been on track with my fitness goals, but if there was one area of improvement I’d like to work on in the health/wellness category of my life it would be healthy snacking, specifically while at work.

I notice when I’m home I choose healthy snacks  the majority of the time. However, I realize that working in an office environment creates a bit of a challenge to my healthy snacking goal. My co-workers often bring it donuts or sweets to share with everyone on a daily basis, and we celebrate birthdays (which is fun but still results in having 10 cakes a year!). Needless to say I need to set myself up for success and one of the ways I’ve been able to do that is to bring in my own snacks to keep at my desk.

When I have my own snacks to enjoy it makes it easier to say no to some of the not-so-healthy options in the office kitchen. Some of my favorite snacks include Larabar Bites, Cabot Cheese with whole grain crackers, Annie’s Cheddar Bunny Snacks, strawberries & blueberries, Justin’s Almond Butter, and you guessed it, these homemade granola bars! They are easy to make, easy to travel with and they taste great.

I make a batch of these on the weekend, wrap them individually, and then throughout the week my husband and I can just grab them & go. I like how simple the ingredients are and that making this recipe hardly takes any time to put together. It’s easy to make these while meal-prepping for the week.

 So for the month of May – I’m going to work a little harder to snack healthier, and this recipe is just the start!

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