Two Ingredient Dog Treats

“If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them.” -Phil Pastoret


This was Marley’s face when I told him I was baking two ingredient dog treats. Not exactly the vote of confidence I was hoping for since it was my first time trying this recipe.


I admit I had my doubts at first. Two ingredients? Really? Two jars of baby food and two cups of whole wheat flour and that’s it? Sure enough, after pouring the ingredients in a bowl and mixing for a few minutes, a soft dough came together. When I told Marley it was working, things got real serious real quick.


I used two jars of sweet potato baby food but you could also use carrot, banana etc…just make sure that those are the only ingredients listed on the jar. You don’t want to use a baby food that has ingredients harmful to dogs (e.g garlic, onions or raisins). Once the dough is mixed, simply roll it out, cut into desired shapes & bake in the oven! It really is that easy. Marley was super impressed.


This recipe makes a lot of treats (especially if you use a smaller cookie cutter). They keep well in a jar or plastic bags. If you use an airtight container they tend to get soft. Marley will eat anything though so he wasn’t too concerned about the treats getting soft.

These treats are definitely Marley approved!


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