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SaltAll-purpose flourUnsalted ButterVanilla ExtractGranulated SugarBaking PowderBaking SodaEggEggsOlive OilBrown SugarHoneyOnionCanola OilConfectioners' SugarGarlic ClovesLow-fat ButtermilkMilkWaterSugarLow-sodium Soy SauceUnsweetened Cocoa PowderGround CinnamonFresh Lime JuiceChili PowderWhole Wheat FlourVegetable OilInstant Coffee GranulesAvocado2% Reduced Fat MilkRed Bell PepperWhole Wheat Flour TortillasEgg YolkCornstarchPepperCooking SprayStrawberriesBananaExtra-virgin Olive OilSea SaltCayenne PepperGreen OnionsZucchiniBlack BeansBaconGarlic PowderGround NutmegGround ClovesGround GingerHalf & Half2% MilkLight Mexican-Cheese BlendSpinachBlack PepperBalsamic VinegarFresh Lemon JuiceOreganoAlmond MilkButterCuminLight Brown SugarSesame OilEgg WhiteFreshly Ground Black PepperKetchupCake FlourSharp Cheddar CheeseScallionsWhite SugarFreshly Squeezed Lemon JuiceButtermilkWhite Whole Wheat FlourFrozen Banana(listed above)Garlic CloveWhole MilkRed OnionActive Dry YeastPart-skim Mozzarella Cheese (shredded)Boneless, Skinless Chicken BreastBonelessIce CubesApple Cider VinegarYellow Bell PepperCherry TomatoesBroccoli FloretsHeavy CreamCorn KernelsGreen Bell PepperMexican Cheese BlendDijon MustardSalt & Black PepperPizza DoughChocolate CandiesGarlicLow Fat (1%) MilkEnchilada SauceCUPCAKES:FROSTING:Milk (or Heavy Cream)LinguineSalt & PepperSemisweet Chocolate ChipsFresh Basil LeavesFrozen Shelled Edamame (Green Soybeans)Unsalted Butter, at room temperatureFresh BasilGround CuminDryWhole-Wheat BreadcrumbsEgg WhitesFresh CilantroDark Sesame OilCold WaterPeanut ButterFrozen PeasOnion PowderHot WaterCanned Pumpkin PureeCinnamonCaramel SauceWarm WaterInstant Chocolate Pudding MixChicken BrothCanned Diced TomatoesMini MarshmallowsBlueberries (fresh or frozen)Ice Cubes (optional)Large Egg WhitesFOR THE CUPCAKES:Creamy Unsalted Peanut ButterDARK CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES:Cadbury Mini EggsLemon ZestCreamy Peanut ButterFOR THE FROSTING:Unsweetened ApplesaucePure Vanilla ExtractHoisin SauceRaisins (optional)Vanilla BeanDiced Tomatoes with Basil, Garlic & OreganoZitiPeanut Butter FrostingEgg Whites Substitute2 cups chopped vegetablesLight cheese blend (shredded or grated)Vanilla Ice CreamMint ExtractGreen Food ColoringWhipped Cream (optional)Green Sprinkles (optional)Low-fat MilkLarge EggMin semi-sweet chocolate chipsButter LettuceWarm Water (100 degrees F to 110 degrees F)Stone-ground Yellow CornmealFat-free Bottled Pizza SauceParmesan Cheese (fresh grated)Shallots (minced)Garlic (minced)Skinless Chicken BreastOrange JuiceIceBoneless, skinless chicken breast halvesskinless chicken breast halvesShallotAlmond ButterSweet PotatoesAgave nectarGrapeseed Oil or other Vegetable OilDark Chocolate (at least 60% cacao)Old Bay SeasoningChicken WingsScallionCilantroCoconut MilkGreen BeansUncooked Rigatoni (or penne)Reduced Fat American CheeseCenter-cut BaconExtra-sharp Cheddar CheeseLemon or Lime JuiceWild SalmonMixed Salad GreensBell PepperTomatoesNonfat Vanilla YogurtLadyfinger CookiesFrozen RaspberriesTaco Seasoning or Chili PowderOlive Oil MayonnaisePaprikaCandy Coated ChocolateFrozen SpinachRicotta CheesePlastic snap-apart Easter EggsMiniature MarshmallowsBrown Rice CerealMozzarella Cheese (Part Skim)Taco Seasoning MixWingsBroccoli HeadParmesan CheeseLong-grain White Rice (Uncooked)Jalapeno PepperReduced-fat Sour CreamGround Red PepperCremini MushroomsGrape TomatoesShredded Monterey Jack CheeseMashed BananasPlain ApplesauceCorianderLean Ground BeefCanned Tomato SauceLow-Sodium Chicken BrothTaco ShellsEvaporated Fat-Free MilkChocolate Sandwhich CookiesCandy Gummy WormsShredded ChickenLarge EggsCocoa PowderSun-Dried Tomato HalvesGrated Parmesan CheeseShredded Parmesan CheeseBrown Sugar (Light or Dark)White Wine VinegarHeirloom Cherry TomatoesMiniature Mozzarella BallsInstant RiceYellow OnionDry-Roasted Cashews (unsalted)Rice VinegarSriracha (hot chile sauce)Cold Unsalted ButterBBQ SauceShredded Cooked ChickenShredded Light 3 Cheese Blend (Monterey Jack, Mozzarella & Cheddar)Rainbow SprinklesUnsalted Butter, softenedPlum TomatoPitted Green OlivesCapersFrench Bread Baguette SlicesLean Ground Beef (90% or leaner)Shredded Extra-Sharp Cheddar CheeseGround Chipotle PepperEggplantFreshly Grated Parmesan CheeseTomato SauceWHITE FROSTING:Clear Vanilla ExtractWhite Icing Color (optional)Long-grain Brown RiceShredded Cooked Chicken BreastShredded CarrotDry-roasted peanutsChicken Breast HalvesBaby SpinachSmoked Gouda CheeseItalian-seasoned Diced TomatoesRolled OatsBoiling Beef BrothCornmealBeef Bouillon GranulesButtercream FrostingThinly Sliced Carrot StripsCooked Long-Grain White Rice (Basmati)Elbow MacaroniApplewood-Smoked BaconFat-Free MilkCondensed Cream of Mushroom Soup (45% reduced-sodium, 98% fat-free)Shredded Six-Cheese Italian BlendFresh DillCanned PumpkinPumpkin Pie SpiceFOR THE SCONES:FOR THE BASE GLAZE:FOR THE SPICE GLAZE:For The Loaf Cake:NutmegAllspiceLow-Fat Plain YogurtPumpkin PureeFOR THE PUMPKIN BUTTERCREAM:VanillaFOR THE GLAZE:Uncooked, Elbow MacaroniWhole Wheat Panko BreadcrumbsWhite VinegarGround BeefAlpine Spiced Apple Cider Instant Original Drink MixCaramelsDiced Sweet Potato CubesPeppermint Bark Baking ChipsMini Semi-sweet Chocolate ChunksCanned Black BeansFrozen CornCorn Tortilla ChipsHot Chocolate MixRed PotatoesLow-Sodium Chicken Broth (fat-free)Dried OreganoLow-Sodium Vegetable BrothCheese TortelliniBanana (frozen)Unsweetened Almond MilkBlueberry-flavored Great Yogurt (nonfat)FOR THE CAKE:Large Egg YolksPopcorn KernelsLight Corn SyrupHoney-Roasted PeanutsPitted Kalamata OlivesFresh OreganoHershey's KissesSprinkles (optional)Dark Cocoa Powder*Half & Half or MilkPineappleMini Milk Chocolate ChipsLow-Sodium Turkey BreastSalsaCorn TortillasBlack Olives6 inch Corn TortillasFOR THE MUFFINS:Poppy SeedsGreen ChilliesLarge Flour TortillasYellow CornmealVanilla CupcakesVanilla Buttercream FrostingFood ColoringPainter's palette (optional)CUPCAKES:GranolaCooked White RiceChocolate & Vanilla Sandwich CookiesAll-Natural ShorteningChocolate Cookie CrumbsTurbinado SugarRice Wine VinegarFresh BlueberriesAll-Purpose FourConfectioners' Sugar (optional)FOR THE CHICKEN:Smoked PaprikaFOR THE BAJA BLACK BEANS & RICE:Frozen whole kernel cornFire-roasted diced tomatoesLong grain riceGreen chile peppersGraham Cracker CrumbsMilk Chcolate Candy BarsAvocado (optional)Mini Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter CupsFlank SteakGreen OnionFOR THE PASTRY:WalnutsFOR THE FIG JAM:Very Ripe Figs (Unpeeled)Fig Butter (or Fig Jam)Shredded ZucchiniChopped PecansCream of TartarSprinklesSalmon Fillets (6 oz each)STREUSEL TOPPING:FILLING:CAKE:Plain YogurtMushroomsBottled SalsaGround AllspiceSemisweet Chocolate ChunksPecansYellow Cornmeal (Fine Grind)Dry Milk PowderGround Cardamon*Whole Wheat Pastry FlourAlmond MealCorn StarchCoconut OilFOR THE BROWNIES:Milk Chocolate ChipsFOR THE BUTTERCREAM FROSTING:Peanut Butter (creamy or chunky)Peanut Butter ChipsChocolate ChipsGround Flaxseed MealOld-fashioned Rolled OatsToppings (optional)Dark Cocoa Powder (or Dutch-processed)SALTED CARAMEL SAUCE:CHOCOLATE GANACHE FROSTING:Semisweet ChocolateCorn SyrupKerrygold Pure Irish ButterBoneless Skinless Chicken BreastsChicken DrumsticksSalt and pepperSoy SauceSprinkling Sugar (optional)CarrotCelery StalkPotatoWhite Button MushroomsPuff PastrySALAD:DRESSING:Fresh Ginger (peeled)Red Jalapeno Pepper (optional)Dry-Roasted Cashew Nuts (unsalted)Sesame Seeds
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